A tale of one manager: Good for projects, bad for personnel

July 03, 2013
A project-manager-turned-IT-director's need for control and insistence on details stifle employees who want to do their job
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No facts allowed: Discussions about IT strategy are for sissies

June 26, 2013
Years of successful open source development are dumped after a directive comes down from on high -- without discussion allowed or reasons given
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Do you speak tech? Communication breaks down at the help desk

June 19, 2013
'Lockout' and 'storage' take on new meaning for an IT pro responding to help desk calls around the office
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When developers battle testers, users lose

June 12, 2013
In territorial wars between testing and development teams, the users and the app feel the force of the fight
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Cheapskate execs pay the price for outsourcing IT

June 05, 2013
Execs outsource company website duties but figure there's no need to hire maintenance staff. So guess who they call in a jam?
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The job is 'IT manager,' but in title only

May 22, 2013
A newly hired IT pro has one best option after discovering the boss doesn't trust or give responsibility: Get out
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Sorry, IT still doesn't do attitude adjustments

May 15, 2013
Tech support can fix the VPN, but it can't bend the laws of physics for a demanding, bullheaded user
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The office is on fire -- get the IT guy!

May 08, 2013
Techies often talk about putting out the fires behind the scenes, but not usually as literally as on this IT call
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When no employee is better than a new employee

May 01, 2013
In midst of tech boom and hiring frenzy, a new techie comes on -- and leaves staffers longing for days without extra 'help'
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Naughty and nice tales of off-hours tech support

April 24, 2013
An IT pro learns how to handle barrage of the off-duty tech requests -- and the interesting situations they bring
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