Sorry about that virus -- I didn't want to bother you

February 12, 2014
If it's not one virus alert, it's another, especially when the accounting manager's short-term memory goes MIA
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Plea to IT: Don't mess with my monitor

February 05, 2014
A techie is assigned a routine job: Swap in new monitors -- but ends up spelling out more computer basics than expected
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Book smart, security stupid: Rogue professors flunk Security 101

January 29, 2014
Two academics betray highly ill-advised security practices when using the university's computer network
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Abracadabra! Harry Potter, ghosts, and magic at the help desk

January 15, 2014
Skills or sorcery? When you're working tech support, sometimes you need a little of both to get to the bottom of the issue
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Stand back -- major mouse dissection in progress

January 08, 2014
In tech support, it never hurts to clarify exactly what you mean, especially the terms that seem obvious to you
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Steal this data: Volunteer spies in the night

December 18, 2013
It's no ordinary day on the job when a tech team is sent on a top-secret mission to copy a suspect user's computer files
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Looking for bugs in all the wrong places

December 11, 2013
Say it ain't so! But even tried-and-true systems running smoothly for years can turn up unexpected bugs when scrutinized
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It's always Computing 101 in tech support

December 04, 2013
There's no such thing as a dumb question? These three help desk cases may test that old adage
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3 classic tales of help desk hilarity

November 27, 2013
Misunderstandings, uncommon sense, and saying what we shouldn't all liven up an IT workday
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3 stooges and a bozo make a mockery of the IT department

November 20, 2013
Apathy, chaos, and mediocrity are the norm at a company that doesn't seem to care about the quality of its products
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