IT tales for your summer reading list

July 21, 2010
Lighten your summer workdays with these 12 stories from the Off the Record archives
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User ignorance wreaks havoc on company's computer files

July 14, 2010
In this IT tale, a techie discovers that the day's puzzling tech issues can all be traced to one user
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Real IT consulting with real people

July 07, 2010
A techie shares experiences from working at a university's computer consulting office
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Diagnosis: Weak computer skills

June 30, 2010
In this tech tale, some hospital workers must overcome more basic hurdles in the transition to electronic medical records
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User mishaps and tech inexperience

June 23, 2010
In these IT tales, a techie recounts memorable encounters with computer users and new tech hires
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When teaching tech newbies, don't make assumptions

June 09, 2010
A techie looks back to the 1980s and shares entertaining experiences from the times he trained new computer users
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Life lessons learned while working in tech

June 02, 2010
One techie's persistence and compassion are required in these two tech support experiences
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A surly employee makes a techie's first job a nightmare

May 26, 2010
In this tech tale, a newbie lands his first IT position, but must survive the meanness of his disgruntled office mate
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Fixing the fallout from an errant out-of-office email

May 19, 2010
A techie closes down the email account of a laid-off company employee -- and an overlooked detail creates a PR nightmare
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The art of explaining tech's novelties

May 12, 2010
In this IT tale, a techie encounters surprising user assumptions about how to use a mouse and enter computer commands
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