Misplaced mainframes, spooky systems, and other tech horror stories

October 27, 2010
System admins and tech pros are sure to break out in night sweats after reading these tales from the Off the Record archives
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Missing inventory? Blame the tech

October 20, 2010
A techie is asked to create inventory tracking software at a manufacturing company where the managers emphasize the need to be 'flexible.' What could go wrong?
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Ignoring business needs is a bad IT move

October 13, 2010
In this tech tale, IT managers who put bureaucracy before business needs get their just due
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There's a fine line between helping a new IT hire and doing all the work

October 06, 2010
In this tech tale, a new help desk employee who lacks 'attention to detail' makes for a frustrating training experience
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The IT tale of an anti-tech user

September 22, 2010
Working with a professor who refuses to use computers is a challenging task for this campus' IT and other staff
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Tales of problematic people in the IT workplace

September 15, 2010
In these classic Off the Record stories, tech bosses, business managers, and IT coworkers make for challenging work situations
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When a user 'helps' IT set up a new system

September 08, 2010
A tech-savvy employee volunteers to transfer data to his brand new company laptop. You can guess what happens next
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IT help desk calls: Dead mice and office supplies

September 01, 2010
A techie at a government contractor shares stories of the services some users expect from their IT help desk
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Computer troubleshooting vs. finding a quick solution

August 25, 2010
In this IT tale, a techie lands his first job working at a support center -- and learns to really listen to what a caller is saying
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Who needs an IT department, anyway?

August 18, 2010
Chaos ensues when a school principal gives every student a laptop and admin rights, but no usage guidelines and no IT involvement
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