A tech plan comes together

January 05, 2011
Two teams are tasked with rolling out new Windows machines to end-users -- with radically different results
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An IT contractor discovers too much company information

December 22, 2010
Just days into a short-term contracting job, a techie unearths a surprising security risk -- and exposes the network admin's misplaced priorities
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IT contracting 101: Get it in writing

December 15, 2010
A tech who gets laid off during recessionary cutbacks is asked to come back to finish an app dev project, only to get burned again
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Remembering your worth as an IT professional

December 08, 2010
An IT pro learns just how little tech skills were valued at a former company
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Don't underestimate tech experience

December 01, 2010
A tech newbie learns that having all the 'right' certifications doesn't mean you know everything
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Memorable tech troubles from ghosts of holidays past

November 24, 2010
Stories from the Off the Record archives show why this time of year can be memorable -- for all the wrong reasons
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A campus data center move meets tech incompetence

November 17, 2010
A mix of expertise levels in a campus tech department leads to chaotic situations -- and a horrific final exam week
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The question of the day solves a DSL problem

November 10, 2010
A tech support member finds that documenting even the tiniest detail helps quickly solve a customer's DSL issues
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There's no such thing as job security

November 03, 2010
One tech worker crunched the numbers, only to uncover disturbing data on his company's economic health
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Misplaced mainframes, spooky systems, and other tech horror stories

October 27, 2010
System admins and tech pros are sure to break out in night sweats after reading these tales from the Off the Record archives
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