A software project's challenge: Working with a bully

March 16, 2011
In this tech tale, a project manager takes over a floundering software contract and faces down a difficult customer
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Employee incompetence is a hacker's best friend

March 09, 2011
Tech stories of data vulnerabilities caused by incompetence and overlooked details by executives, IT managers, or admins
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Tech thieves and dishonest dealings redefine network security

March 02, 2011
Malware and DDoS attacks don't sound so bad compared to these IT tales of missing inventory, dishonest bosses, and sleazy deals
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Small tech problems require lots of patience

February 23, 2011
URL typos and login confusion are easy tech fixes. The tough part is staying polite and calm during a hectic day
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One person's trash is another's treasure

February 16, 2011
A user thinks he has a clever trick on where to store his files -- until he runs out of space
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Bugged out by pests and printers

February 09, 2011
As one on-call technician discovers, appearances can be deceiving when you're making on-site repairs
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When the bug in the system is actually a person

February 02, 2011
A rookie programmer's purchasing order system works perfectly -- until the new corporate managers start laying off employees
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We're paying the contractor for what?

January 26, 2011
Business managers call in a tech contractor to deliver and maintain an application, but it soon becomes obvious that the contractor is not that experienced after all
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Tech team to salesman: Persistence isn't always a virtue

January 19, 2011
The fifth time is not the charm as two unfortunate techies get drawn into an overly aggressive ERP sales pitch
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Myths of the workplace: Job security and company loyalty

January 12, 2011
A tech pro learns -- the hard way -- the true worth of on-the-job experience and knowledge
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