How to deal with a marketing bonehead

August 03, 2011
What's in a number? An extra $10,000 each month if IT gives in to the marketing department's demands
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We don't need no stinking IT specs!

July 27, 2011
Or a timeline -- or a budget, as one software developer discovers with a tech project that keeps going and going and going ...
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Note to IT director: Less blame, more skills

July 20, 2011
Specs and requirements are given to the IT director for a critical backup system -- a straightforward request. What can go wrong?
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Plot your summer escape with these must-read tech tales

July 13, 2011
Before you hit the beach, check out these tech tales involving inept authority figures, red hot lovers, and bumbling users
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User to IT: It's your fault, not mine

July 06, 2011
An end-user complains of email problems but refuses to help solve the issue, which turns out to be the easiest fix of all
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IT's dog day of PC woes

June 29, 2011
A tech call about a troublesome workstation for a remote client results in a memorable on-site visit
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When the IT fix is hiding in plain sight

June 22, 2011
In these two tech stories, overlooked details yield solutions to users' IT problems
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Cabling snafus, sloppy work, and stubborn IT bosses

June 15, 2011
In these Off the Record stories, bungled cabling is only the tip of the iceberg. The real work is cleaning up after IT managers who deny there's a problem
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Where have all the files gone?

June 08, 2011
Admins lavish attention on a critical database upgrade, but the good ol' human factor derails their plans in this tech story
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Users' mind-set: Just agree to it

June 01, 2011
A tech pro finds an amusing silver lining to the aggravating problem of end-users who mindlessly click on pop-ups without a second thought
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