Data centers of the damned

October 12, 2011
This haunting season, it's time to revisit the horrors of IT, from hair-raising tech environments to ghoulish managers
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Invalid password. Please try again, idiot

October 05, 2011
Despite one tech team's best efforts, the users at one company can't seem to remember their passwords
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To err is human: Just ask these tech pros

September 28, 2011
The humbling yet entertaining stories of overlooked details, code errors, and counting mishaps
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Malware alert! Oh, never mind

September 21, 2011
A user raises the alarm with reports of malware, which turns out to be anything but
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Space race: The search for 25-year-old spare parts

September 14, 2011
A techie's task of finding parts for legacy equipment brings an unexpected connection
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Double whammy: Broken tech and bad behavior

September 07, 2011
True colors are revealed in these stories of tech pros dealing with condescension, disrespect, and military-grade dressing-downs
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Movers wanted; only IT experts need apply

August 31, 2011
Employees' frequent moves from cubicle to cubicle are a source of more work -- and amusement -- for the IT staff
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Stubborn suits cause data center chaos

August 24, 2011
Take business managers who don't listen to the tech pros, add an ancient air conditioning system in the data center, and wait
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It takes a disaster to prove a techie right

August 17, 2011
From tech failures to bad publicity, these Off the Record stories show the boss that the IT pro was correct all along
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Small vs. big IT: Two teams, two plans, one winner

August 10, 2011
A regional tech group gives the parent company's development squad a run for the money during a data migration
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