Data center don't: Unplug first, ask questions later

February 08, 2012
An IT pro is tasked with looking into unused servers, but ends up creating a whole different set of problems for the network team
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Computing belongs to the young

February 01, 2012
An IT coordinator at a one-campus school district shares stories of student and staff views toward technology
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The strange case of the missing servers

January 25, 2012
An install for a large company with offices in multiple locations drags on and on when tracking down the source of a problem proves to be an ordeal
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CSI IT: The inventory sting

January 18, 2012
A thieving employee takes advantage of the managers' computer ignorance by stealing goods -- until the tech pros investigate
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Go drinking with CEO, get hired as CIO

January 11, 2012
When the CEO of a startup hired an old buddy as CIO, he overlooked petty details -- such as skills and qualifications
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The power of observation -- and superglue

January 04, 2012
A tech student learns a real-world IT lesson about the values of everyday objects when the boss's computer goes down
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Life in IT: Tech ideals meet user reality

December 28, 2011
IT pros share their real-life, on-the-job stories. Here's a look at memorable ones from the last year
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Yes, Virginia, there are good bosses

December 21, 2011
A tech pro discovers the value of fair treatment from the boss -- and the boss creates a great working relationship with a tech pro
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If the cable doesn't fit ... use hammer and pliers

December 14, 2011
An employee decides to make sure all 'needed' cables fit into the computer -- and wonders why he can no longer get an Internet connection
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The boss who thought he knew it all

December 07, 2011
A meddling and demanding boss complicates an installation -- and angers the techie and customer alike
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