Yes, Virginia, there are good bosses

December 21, 2011
A tech pro discovers the value of fair treatment from the boss -- and the boss creates a great working relationship with a tech pro
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If the cable doesn't fit ... use hammer and pliers

December 14, 2011
An employee decides to make sure all 'needed' cables fit into the computer -- and wonders why he can no longer get an Internet connection
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The boss who thought he knew it all

December 07, 2011
A meddling and demanding boss complicates an installation -- and angers the techie and customer alike
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Network admin eats humble pie

November 30, 2011
An IT expert tries out an idea for configuring the company's file server, but instead confronts technical reality
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Lost in tech-to-exec translation

November 23, 2011
A standard request for new computers elicits strange questions from the VP -- and sparks an unexpected opportunity to implement new technology
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Meet the new bugs, same as the old bugs

November 16, 2011
At one company, managerial inefficiency leads to the same coding issues popping up repeatedly, with no relief in sight
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Common sense wanted in the IT department

November 09, 2011
Take an inept IT boss, add a coworker who doesn't test changes, and wait for the ensuing IT nightmare
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The software install that would not end

November 02, 2011
A seemingly simple task takes on a life of its own when the software being installed magically disappears -- over and over again
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If it ain't broke, don't touch it

October 26, 2011
A data center operator spends spare time on the day shift trying to increase operational efficiency -- but one day goes too far
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Press Ctrl-P for power outage

October 19, 2011
A user reports that her computer reboots every time she prints, and the tech pro finds a surprising reason why
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