The sweet sound of a user's apology

March 28, 2012
A techie enjoys rare music when an angry customer calls to complain about a new computer, then changes her tune
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The short path from cost cutting to smut peddling

March 21, 2012
After a takeover, company becomes a hotbed for inept managers, unqualified IT admins, and inappropriate employee conduct
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Sloppiness in the server room brings down the network

March 14, 2012
An IT contractor walks into a right mess when responding to a service call
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Payroll-pinching boss receives payback

March 07, 2012
A boss with suspect accounting practices gets his comeuppance when the employees push back against his shady demands
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Practical jokes to play on pushy vendors

February 29, 2012
An IT pro's frustration with annoying vendors yields creative ploys to fend off salespeople -- with a few exceptions
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BlackBerry jammed: A recipe for tech trouble

February 22, 2012
Start with BlackBerry Enterprise server, add an error message, and mix in a smartphone. Then watch your privacy crumble
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Gross! Unsanitized tales from tech support

February 15, 2012
PC troubleshooter? Check. Server skills? Check. Disinfectant? Double check. You'll need them all when working the help desk
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Data center don't: Unplug first, ask questions later

February 08, 2012
An IT pro is tasked with looking into unused servers, but ends up creating a whole different set of problems for the network team
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Computing belongs to the young

February 01, 2012
An IT coordinator at a one-campus school district shares stories of student and staff views toward technology
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The strange case of the missing servers

January 25, 2012
An install for a large company with offices in multiple locations drags on and on when tracking down the source of a problem proves to be an ordeal
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