A CEO's sins catch up with him

May 09, 2012
Cronyism, absenteeism, lack of communication, abuse of company funds -- the new CEO gets away with them for too long
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Unassuming IT hero saves the day

May 02, 2012
The techie's superpowers: Common sense, a clear mind, and the ability to read the fine print overlooked by everyone else
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Three months under a clueless, overbearing boss

April 25, 2012
A tech pro lands a new job that involves working for a difficult person in a company that will not deal with personnel problems
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Trust me, I'm a consultant

April 18, 2012
That tech expert you hired to advise you on your data center upgrade may have your best interests in mind after all
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The IT department doomed by a disdainful boss

April 11, 2012
As an inept boss robs employees of their input and their credit, the product they're charged with struggles toward completion
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Arrogant admin exposed by rogue routers

April 04, 2012
A brash IT pro lands a job as a senior network admin, but soon his errors cause problems for the top execs
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The sweet sound of a user's apology

March 28, 2012
A techie enjoys rare music when an angry customer calls to complain about a new computer, then changes her tune
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The short path from cost cutting to smut peddling

March 21, 2012
After a takeover, company becomes a hotbed for inept managers, unqualified IT admins, and inappropriate employee conduct
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Sloppiness in the server room brings down the network

March 14, 2012
An IT contractor walks into a right mess when responding to a service call
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Payroll-pinching boss receives payback

March 07, 2012
A boss with suspect accounting practices gets his comeuppance when the employees push back against his shady demands
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