Archives: April 2014

Dear bosses: Grow up or get lost

April 30, 2014
To discourage the business owners' meddling, a techie tries to keep them occupied while the employees (gasp!) do their jobs
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Be careful what you wish for: The dream job that wasn't

April 23, 2014
A tech pro pins his hopes to a new position with a great boss at a great company. What could go wrong?
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Congrats on the new job! Please disregard all the red flags

April 16, 2014
A fledgling developer is so thrilled to land a temporary gig that he misses the numerous warning signs screaming out at him
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Order up! One fried motherboard with an extra server on the side

April 09, 2014
A techie has no one to blame but himself when a service call hits him where it hurts the most: His own wallet
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