Archives: March 2014

The boss's vote of confidence turns the tide

March 26, 2014
We interrupt our regularly scheduled gripes for a true story of a good boss and a trusted employee. It can happen to you!
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Sleazy salesman meets his match in IT truth tellers

March 19, 2014
The boss's golden boy is a lying, bullying salesman who's done in by evidence of his impossible promises to customers
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Phone foolery: Caught between a malcontent and a merger

March 12, 2014
After a company takeover, cold shoulders and closed ranks greet a techie trying to figure out the phone and Internet bills
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Shhh! Don't tell IT how we send documents around here

March 05, 2014
Ignoring easier ways to share data, a tech-challenged boss and manager devise an expensive and unnecessary workaround
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