Archives: August 2013

In case of IT emergency, break out the chocolate

August 28, 2013
On good days in tech support, users' kind words can sustain you. On the bad days, you need a different kind of boost
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Watch out, rogue users -- the data detective is on the case

August 21, 2013
When users won't log off the system despite repeated warnings, a sys admin turns data sleuth to locate the miscreants
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How do you land an IT job? Show, don't tell

August 14, 2013
Your skills, that is, and as a tech pro finds out, courage, gumption, and good friends help too
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Look out below! A young techie is coming through

August 07, 2013
Asbestos and hazmat, fire drills and overhead spills -- they're just a few challenges in a new techie's early days on the job
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