Archives: July 2013

The vendor that was too good to be true

July 24, 2013
A vendor provides quality service, posts fast turnaround time, and is easy to work with. What's the catch?
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A Shop-Vac, a labyrinth, and coax cable: It's MacGyver time!

July 17, 2013
A company asks the IT department to get a remote warehouse wired -- all through a ragtag underground conduit system
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At a family business, nepotism trumps common sense

July 10, 2013
Insecure IT pro derails straightforward phone upgrade when he pulls strings with founding family to get his way
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A tale of one manager: Good for projects, bad for personnel

July 03, 2013
A project-manager-turned-IT-director's need for control and insistence on details stifle employees who want to do their job
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