Archives: April 2013

Naughty and nice tales of off-hours tech support

April 24, 2013
An IT pro learns how to handle barrage of the off-duty tech requests -- and the interesting situations they bring
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When it comes to IT hires, you get what you pay for

April 17, 2013
A new employee's rookie mistakes raise questions about his qualifications, experience -- and the manager's hiring standards
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Dumb and dumber: A phone line fail and the bill that wouldn't go away

April 10, 2013
Stupid mistakes by both customer and vendor drag out a simple phone service request much longer than a techie can tolerate
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Beware the CEO who knows 'everything about tech'

April 03, 2013
When does a blowhard CEO finally listen to IT's advice on the data center? When it lets him show off to his peers
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