Archives: March 2013

What part of 'no spam' don't you understand?

March 27, 2013
A young techie learns contracts are meant to be broken at a marketing firm that's more than a little lax with its ISP's rules
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A foolish CFO and the company's money are soon parted

March 20, 2013
At least there's one upside to the CFO's misguided attempts to cut costs: IT gets to say 'I told you so'
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Good job! You just got yourself fired

March 13, 2013
IT staffer's competence, skill, and professionalism don't bode well when a new CEO takes over a floundering company
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Ops to dev: It's your fault, and here's proof

March 06, 2013
Operations is tired of fixing failures, and development denies it has a quality control issue -- but the numbers don't lie
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