Programming languages even a business analyst can use

July 26, 2012
In plain English, domain-specific languages let users define business rules and help ensure applications do what they're supposed to
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Fire up a workflow engine to improve software development

July 19, 2012
Workflow engines help ensure enterprise application development stays on track -- if you know how to use them
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Welcome to the programming language explosion

July 12, 2012
The days of Java and .Net dominance are over. Let a thousand languages bloom and cross-pollinate
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Functional programming: A step backward

July 05, 2012
Functional programming languages will have a place in general application development when we can read their code at a glance
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The long death of fat clients

June 28, 2012
Web development and open standards have triumphed, while the JavaFX framework is merely a last gasp
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Long live SOA in the cloud era

June 21, 2012
You might not hear much about SOA anymore, but its imperative to make 'everything a service' is more relevant than ever
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Ruby, Clojure, and Ceylon: Same goal, three very different results

June 14, 2012
Charles Nutter, Rich Hickey, and Gavin King each discovered that 'simplicity' doesn't mean the same thing
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The time for NoSQL standards is now

June 07, 2012
Like Larry Ellison's yacht, the RDBMS is sailing into the sunset. But if NoSQL is to take its place, a standard query language and APIs must emerge soon
NoSQL, Big Data
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Ruby and the myth of developer productivity

May 31, 2012
We live in an exciting new world of Web development languages. But pitches selling the productivity benefits of one language over another miss the point
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How to make PHP apps scale

May 25, 2012
The most popular language for Web apps, PHP tends to buckle under heavy loads -- unless you opt for cloud scaling and a NoSQL back end
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