The looming cloud identity crisis

November 08, 2012
For now the answer to most identity problems is on-premises Active Directory integration. In an all-in cloud architecture, what do we do?
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The all-in cloud architecture of tomorrow

November 01, 2012
I plan to practice what we preach in 2013 and move to an all-in-cloud architecture. It's a tall order
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NoSQL is no Oracle killer

October 25, 2012
Over time, NoSQL and big data will slow Oracle RDBMS's long-term growth, but it won't deliver a death blow anytime soon -- except, perhaps, to Oracle RAC
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10 things you needn't worry about in 2013

October 19, 2012
Tired of dreary disaster scenarios? Then here's a grab bag of topics you shouldn't bother fretting over
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Will the future be written entirely in JavaScript?

October 09, 2012
No popular language may be as maligned as JavaScript. But its migration to the server side opens the possibility it may become all-pervasive
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Ill-informed haters go after MongoDB

September 27, 2012
NoSQL databases like MongoDB are great for some tasks but not for others. Is it MongoDB's fault if misguided developers use it to solve the wrong problem?
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Is a computer science degree worth the paper it's printed on?

September 11, 2012
Self-taught technologists are almost always better hires than those with a BSCS and a huge student loan
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6 home truths about rockstar developers

August 30, 2012
You want the best and the brightest money can buy. Or do you? In fact, you're better served by a group of developers with mixed skill levels who focus on getting the job done
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What developers can learn from Anonymous

August 23, 2012
The reason Anonymous has a permanent place in our collective imagination: For a time, its organizational model worked very well
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10 practices of highly ineffective software developers

August 09, 2012
Some are bad habits to overcome; some are poor decisions forced by managers who don't know what they're doing. Read 'em ... and weep
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