17 things you should go ahead and cloud

September 12, 2013
Some companies are already sky high in cloudy goodness, while others are still procrastinating. The following items should rise to the top of your cloud priority list
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The bare-bones cloud: Why bother?

September 05, 2013
IaaS plays like Amazon EC2 mainly provide a way for you to do what you're already doing for a little less money. PaaS and SaaS deliver a lot more
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Why Microsoft .Net failed

August 29, 2013
Microsoft tried, but it couldn't win the hearts and minds of developers who weren't already indoctrinated -- and it alienated others along the way
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In defense of Apache

August 26, 2013
Apache is great for many things, not so for others. Its proponents misunderstand its weaknesses, and its detractors misunderstand its strengths
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6 technologies you should learn this year

August 22, 2013
There's a saying in tech: March or die -- so stop slacking and study up. Your cube mate is already on No. 4
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Java faces tough climb to catch up to .Net

August 08, 2013
By the time Java 8 comes out, it'll be another two to five years behind .Net -- and Microsoft's coordinated front
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What are graph databases good for? Here's a killer app

August 01, 2013
Still using an RDBMS for friend-of-a-friend queries? Big mistake. Enlist a graph database using Neo4j instead
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Love and hate for Java 8

July 25, 2013
Java 8 brings exciting developments, but as with any new technology, you can count on the good, the bad, and the headaches
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How my company went 100 percent cloud

July 18, 2013
A drunk driver expedited our cloud migration. Here's how we swapped in-house apps for the cloud equivalents in record time
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How IT can learn to stop worrying and love the cloud

July 11, 2013
PaaS speeds dev times and lowers risk for new apps -- so why does so much IT bureaucracy stand in the way?
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