Hey Google, why is my freaking phone so big?

December 12, 2013
Get a mobile device for the holidays, and odds are it'll be too big to fit in the stocking. Does anyone really want a phone this size?
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Never, ever do this to Hadoop

December 05, 2013
Hadoop on the SAN? That is, a hot, disruptive technology demanding new architecture paired with core IT's pet investment? Don't do it!
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6 secrets of JavaScript Jedis

November 21, 2013
Are you a competent JavaScript developer but have yet to hit Jedi-level secrets? No worries -- these steps will take you to the next level
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9 killer uses for WebSockets

November 14, 2013
WebSockets enables instant data exchange and is supported by all modern browsers. Put it to use immediately in your Web apps
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2014 will be the year of data

November 07, 2013
If 2012 might've been the end of the world and 2013 saw the end of privacy, without question, data will dominate in 2014
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10 common tasks for MongoDB

October 31, 2013
MongoDB is a $1.2 billion company and one of the hottest tech ventures around. But what's its flagship product good for?
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Use MongoDB to make your app location-aware

October 24, 2013
Crunching contextual data about users can sell more stuff -- and in a mobile world, location data rules. Here's how to add location awareness to mobile apps with MongoDB
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Really? Java developers love writing non-Java

October 18, 2013
What language do Java developers love to write in? The results of a survey of 100 Java developers may surprise you
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Google Glass: Yes, it's that bad

October 14, 2013
I craved a Google Glass until I wore one, when I found out it's an idea whose time hasn't come yet
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Why MongoDB is worth $1.2 billion

October 10, 2013
If document database startup MongoDB is looking to thank someone for its hefty valuation, Larry Ellison should be first in line
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