Millennials and tech: Round pegs in a square cubicle farm

May 01, 2014
Young developers want more than money and perks. A trip to Thailand shows the problem of retaining talent is global -- and needs real, not superficial, solutions
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Move over, Old Man Ruby -- your Java moment has arrived

April 24, 2014
Each generation of developers leaves its mark, has its treasured languages, and is convinced it's more brilliant than the last
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R u mdrn? How to lure hipster hackers

April 17, 2014
Do u hv ths stf? Here's what you should -- and shouldn't -- keep in your stack to attract today's developers
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First look: MongoDB 2.6, the all-grown-up version

April 10, 2014
The leading NoSQL database has long been a favorite of developers. Now the brand-new 2.6 version of MongoDB is ready to woo operations
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Beware of NoSQL standards in Oracle's clothing

April 09, 2014
Oracle is reportedly trying to lure NoSQL startups into a standards body, perhaps to slow down the pace of change
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The platform-as-a-service winner is ... Puppet?

April 03, 2014
On-premises PaaS goes hand in hand with the 'not invented here' syndrome, and Puppet is the enabler
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What's new in Logstash and why you should care

March 27, 2014
Logstash stands out in log management, due to its speed, ease of use, and integration with complementary search and reporting tools
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Code in JavaScript the smart, modular way

March 20, 2014
Are you a JavaScript hack or a real developer? Use this quick start guide to learn to write modularized JavaScript code
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Your quick guide to better JavaScript testing

March 13, 2014
Testing JavaScript code without tools is a slog, but choosing the right tools is complicated -- unless you use this handy tutorial to get you started
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Apple and security: 5 deadly development sins

February 27, 2014
If Apple carries on with its many programming misdeeds, it will soon see a breakdown in its shiny, new security
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