Archives: April 2014

Move over, Old Man Ruby -- your Java moment has arrived

April 24, 2014
Each generation of developers leaves its mark, has its treasured languages, and is convinced it's more brilliant than the last
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R u mdrn? How to lure hipster hackers

April 17, 2014
Do u hv ths stf? Here's what you should -- and shouldn't -- keep in your stack to attract today's developers
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First look: MongoDB 2.6, the all-grown-up version

April 10, 2014
The leading NoSQL database has long been a favorite of developers. Now the brand-new 2.6 version of MongoDB is ready to woo operations
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Beware of NoSQL standards in Oracle's clothing

April 09, 2014
Oracle is reportedly trying to lure NoSQL startups into a standards body, perhaps to slow down the pace of change
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The platform-as-a-service winner is ... Puppet?

April 03, 2014
On-premises PaaS goes hand in hand with the 'not invented here' syndrome, and Puppet is the enabler
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