Archives: March 2013

How to teach a Java EE app new NoSQL tricks

March 28, 2013
Sun dumped JavaEE Pet Store, but a bright developer modernized it, and we ported it to NoSQL with Couchbase
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Can TomEE save Java EE?

March 21, 2013
Founder of Apache TomEE project believes there's life left in the Java EE programming model, leads the charge to prove it
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10 steps to becoming the developer everyone wants

March 14, 2013
You're a crack coder and people depend on you to solve their issues. Still not enough? Here's how to hit that next level
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The developer's checklist to prepare for the cloud

March 07, 2013
Face it: You and your apps will eventually head to the cloud. Here are 12 tips to smooth the transition and avoid cloud lock-in
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