Archives: January 2013

Java is still the most secure widespread runtime

January 31, 2013
Or why I don't care about the Java flaw. Are you a big Swing user? Excited over JavaFX on multiple platforms? Me neither
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Web services are dead -- long live REST

January 24, 2013
Once, an endless parade of Web service protocols promised to guarantee any system could talk to any other. In the end, we got much of that interoperability via simpler means
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In memory of Aaron Swartz: Stealing is not stealing

January 17, 2013
Why would a brilliant 26-year-old hacker face jail time usually given to murderers? Because of whom he 'stole' from
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What if Java 8 dropped 'extends'?

January 10, 2013
Java is looking like everything including the kitchen sink. How about 'give one get one' for Java 8 -- and dropping inheritance entirely?
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