Big movies, big data: Netflix embraces NoSQL in the cloud

May 02, 2013
With billions of reads and writes daily, Netflix relies on NoSQL database Cassandra to replace a legacy Oracle deployment
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Shopzilla buys into big data for fast meta-shopping

April 04, 2013
VoltDB handles terabytes of daily updates, with up to 100,000 database writes per second, for comparison shopping service
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NoSQL helps push the envelope of online advertising

February 28, 2013
Powered by the Aerospike NoSQL database, Acuity's real-time advertising exchange serves the right ads to the right eyeballs in record time
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The real story of how big data analytics helped Obama win

February 14, 2013
HP Vertica played a major role, as did an org structure that centralized analytics and lowered barriers between teams
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Twitter's programmers speed Hadoop development

January 31, 2013
To analyze enormous volumes of metadata and messages, Twitter turned to Hadoop -- plus the Cascading framework to vastly simplify MapReduce development
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Evernote buys into big data analytics for a song

January 24, 2013
To collect and analyze data on 200 million daily events, Evernote transitioned from a MySQL data warehouse to a hybrid environment of Hadoop and ParAccel
Big Data, Hadoop
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Giving big data publishing the royal treatment

January 17, 2013
U.K. royal society jumps into 21st century with the MarkLogic NoSQL database, opening 170 years of content to public view
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Powering real-time marketing with big data analytics

January 10, 2013
Data integration, columnar database solution enable marketing agency to crunch hundreds of terabytes, deliver 360-degree view of customers
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General Electric lays out big plans for big data

January 03, 2013
Drawing on sensor data collected by GE industrial products, a new wave of analytics will create vast opportunities across a range of industries
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Astronomers crunch big data to map the galaxies

December 20, 2012
The first cloud analytics platform for astronomy uses machine learning to process hundreds of terabytes of imagery and metadata
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