Archives: November 2012

Big data drives high performance for

November 29, 2012
Analysis of Web user clickstreams and machine-generated log files helps auto shopping site increase revenue and defend against malicious bots
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Unraveling the mystery of multiple sclerosis with big data

November 16, 2012
Confronted by a varied, 250TB data set, researchers opted for a huge hardware upgrade and analytic techniques based on the R statistical language
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Williams-Sonoma uses big data to zero in on customers

November 08, 2012
To target individual customers, Williams-Sonoma needed data from a broad swath of sources, a Hadoop platform, and a dashboard to make sense of it all
Big Data
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Facebook pushes the limits of Hadoop

November 01, 2012
You'd think that 100 petabytes would be big enough data for any business -- but not for Facebook
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