Open source meets mobile

March 24, 2009
Just in time for this week's Open Source Business Conference, Mozilla and the Open Handset Alliance preview their latest wares
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The iPhone cleans up its act at last

March 19, 2009
Finally, Apple listens to its customers -- but the real gains are in the new APIs rather than belated cut and paste
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Apple feeds the rumor mill; Symbian gives detailed info

March 17, 2009
Apple and Symbian compete for headlines with news of upcoming software upgrades
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All the talk about Google Voice

March 13, 2009
Google Voice is getting more coverage than Brangelina -- here are the highlights
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Cydia annoys Apple with rogue app store

March 11, 2009
A new download site makes unauthorized apps available to everyone
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Nokia updates and Spotify warnings

March 05, 2009
Nokia 5800 users get a firmware fix, while Spotify users get hacked
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The era of the mobile app

March 05, 2009
Handset manufacturers compete for developer attention as apps become an essential part of the mobile experience
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Manufacturer recalls plague handsets

March 02, 2009
Embarrassment reigns as recalls go out for phones from AT&T, LG, Nokia, and RIM
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The mobile application explosion

February 26, 2009
When it comes to apps, it's the iPhone and then everyone else, but new stores from Nokia, Palm, and Microsoft could change that
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Keep your smartphone safe

February 25, 2009
As mobile malware becomes an increasing threat, users get a hand from AnchorFree
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