Archives: February 2009

The mobile application explosion

February 26, 2009
When it comes to apps, it's the iPhone and then everyone else, but new stores from Nokia, Palm, and Microsoft could change that
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Keep your smartphone safe

February 25, 2009
As mobile malware becomes an increasing threat, users get a hand from AnchorFree
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Smartphones get greener

February 20, 2009
The smartphone industry is moving beyond greenwashing to develop inventive devices that won't gum up landfills or waste power
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Nokia comes out swinging at MWC

February 18, 2009
Nokia releases handsets at the Mobile World Congress that are packed with features that'll keep the company in the headlines
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A busy, buggy week for mobile security

February 16, 2009
Security issues (and fixes) for Android, RIM, and MobileMe users
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Southwest unveils free Wi-Fi

February 13, 2009
Southwest joins the mile-high mobile club with a free Wi-Fi beta
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Oh, my phone! Microsoft's slip-up

February 10, 2009
Microsoft unveils its My Phone syncing service early
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A tsunami of smartphones

February 08, 2009
As usual, the hottest new handsets are hitting the Asian market, but for once the U.S. releases aren't lagging that far behind
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Nokia security update and possible iPhone developments

February 05, 2009
Nokia releases an official fix for the Curse of Silence; also, iPhone rumors we'd like to see confirmed
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Dell and Acer: Smartphone makers?

February 03, 2009
Can PC makers play in the smartphone sandbox?
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