Archives: December 2008

Cheap iPhones and fresh sliders

December 29, 2008
An imaginary iPhone slider looks even better than real models from Pantech and Samsung
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Luxury phones flout recession woes

December 23, 2008
Just one question: What happens when you accidentally leave these handsets in the back of cab?
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Itty bitty news bite committee

December 22, 2008
A few tidbits of news before we all start drinking nog and decking the halls
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New releases on the horizon from Nokia

December 18, 2008
Is next year the year of Nokia?
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iPhones, Ophones, and more

December 14, 2008
Mobile news continues at a breakneck pace with updates on iPhone, Android, and Palm
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Android, Android, Android!

December 11, 2008
Google's OS is wasting no time making friends and fans across an ever-increasing network.
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Nokia's N97 'iPhone killer' shoots blanks

December 10, 2008
The N97 would seem advanced, if the iPhone didn't already exist. Instead, the N97 has more minuses than pluses.
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Google offers developers unlocked Android phones

December 09, 2008
To spur development, Google now offers developers in 18 countries T-Mobile G1s for use anywhere.
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101 uses for an iPhone

December 09, 2008
A firmware update and some creative thinking help drive everyone's favorite smartphone deeper into the culture
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