Shellshock proves open source's 'many eyes' can't see straight

Shellshock proves open source's 'many eyes' can't see straight

With so many people looking at open source code, security flaws should be stopped dead -- but it doesn't work that way


Create your own 'dirty dozen' threat list

Create your own 'dirty dozen' threat list

Which security events should you worry about most? Everyone has different vulnerabilities, so here's how to prioritize


5 reasons why hackers own your organization

5 reasons why hackers own your organization

The Target and Home Depot breaches should've been wake-up calls. Instead, the bad guys remain free to wreak havoc everywhere


Cloud security: We're asking the wrong questions

Cloud security: We're asking the wrong questions

The outcry over celebrity nudes blames a new scapegoat -- the cloud -- for our security woes, but underlying causes run deeper


Why you don't need long, complex passwords

These days, hackers steal passwords wholesale, not one by one, which is why you can ignore outdated password practices


Revoke certificates when you need to -- the right way

A secure Internet runs off the assurance of digital certificates. Revoking those certificates is often necessary, but problematic. Here's your best shot at doing it effectively


Fear the golden ticket attack!

Be afraid of the golden ticket attack -- if malicious hackers can create the tickets, they can wreak whatever havoc they please


Passwords aren't the problem -- we are

A billion stolen passwords or no, we can all benefit from exercising common sense when it comes to online security


5 reasons Internet crime is worse than ever

Why does Internet crime remain a menace? These five reasons have enabled us to accept it -- but that complacency may not last


7 indispensable project management tips

Good project managers are worth their weight in gold -- and earn their keep by following these best practices


Prove it! Another security vendor claims 100 percent malware detection

A long line of security vendors has promised to detect all malware. Every last one failed. Can Trustwave break the mold?


Windows admins get new tools against pass-the-hash attacks

Windows, Windows Server safer from pass-the-hash attacks. Score one for security admins -- if they follow other best practices, too


5 reasons why software bugs still plague us

With the time and expense spent locking down code, most popular programs should be bulletproof -- yet hackers find a way


Prepare yourself for high-stakes cyber ransom

A cloud startup was obliterated overnight by malicious hackers demanding ransom. Now everyone is a target. Here's your best defense


The quantum cryptography arms race has begun

Quantum computing may be taking its time to arrive, but when it does, encryption won't be the same again


Stop sneaky hackers from launching DMA attacks

Traveling to cyber spying hotbeds? Then beware of hackers compromising your system via DMA attacks


Nowhere to hide: The reign of cyber criminals is coming to an end

Law enforcement is catching the modern-day Bonnies and Clydes on a regular basis


5 lessons from companies that get computer security right

Computer security is in tatters -- but not everywhere. Learn from the companies that know what they're doing


5 ways computer security has truly advanced

Security isn't all gloom and doom. Amid the progress today, these four developments in particular have made us safer


6 things security pros keep getting wrong

Nobody's perfect -- especially computer security professionals. Fortunately, there's a pattern to the mistakes. Here are some of the most common ones to watch for


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