Hollywood or Home Depot: Whose breach is better?

Hollywood or Home Depot: Whose breach is better?

Trick question, but odds are you were too busy leering at exposed celebs to notice yet another massive security hack


Good news for Microsoft: China wants to dump Windows

If China makes good on its threat to break up with Windows, Microsoft could lose the battle -- yet win the war


Revealed! How to become a tech wunderkind in 1,286 easy steps

Love PowerPoint? Love winners? Then you'll love Ryan Allis' 1,286-slide deck on getting ahead in Silicon Valley and in life


On sale: False sense of Internet security, for the low, low price of $120

Is your name among the stash of 1.2 billion stolen passwords? An Internet security firm can tell you -- for pennies per day!


V is for Verizon, void of values

Fresh from its anti-Net neutrality efforts, Verizon wants to change the rules again to the detriment of longtime users


The making of a Microsoft CEO: Layoffs and lip service

Satya Nadella steps up his game with textbook MBA moves and massive layoffs, but the benefit to Microsoft remains to be seen


Introducing MindRDR: When Google Glass isn't invasive enough

Google Glass's creepiness factor ticks up another notch with MindRDR, which feeds off your brain waves


Honk if you love smart cars -- and viruses and hacks and data leaks

If your smartphone/tablet/computer addiction isn't enough, wait till two tons of mobile distraction take over the streets


Dumb apps equal big bucks in Silicon Valley's new math

Stupid is the new smart, as Silicon Valley throws money at apps that are so ridiculous, they'll make you cry


Fire Phone: Amazon's direct line to your data, dreams, and desires

Does the Fire Phone put Amazon in your pocket -- or does it put you in Amazon's pocket? All signs point to the latter


Hewlett-Packard's 'Machine': Vaporware, meet empty suit

Congrats to HP for announcing a nonexistent computer running on an imaginary OS. Our lives will never be the same


Meet the NBA's newest rookie: Steve Ballmer

With his bid for the Los Angeles Clippers, Microsoft's former head honcho claims the league's best victory dance


Toothless tigers: The state of Internet privacy laws

Iran wants Facebook's CEO for privacy violations, but no worries, Zuck -- vague international laws are your friend


Privacy takes a beating in the FBI's kangaroo court

Feds ran roughshod over Lavabit, forcing it to shut down and proving the government is fighting to win -- and fighting dirty -- in the privacy wars


Google begins world domination campaign by invading Stockton

Googlers are the marauding aliens of classic (and not-so-classic) sci-fi, and we're letting them proceed with their 'enslave humanity' plot


You have the right to remain moronic

The European Union has decreed that sites must remove links to 'outdated' information. Do they really not understand how untenable -- and utterly ridiculous -- that is?


It was the best of times, it was the burst of times

Ludicrous business ideas? Spectacular failures? General cluelessness? Yeah, we're definitely in Bubbleville now. Prepare for the pop


One Web hoster's wonderfully trollish FCC protest

Neocities slows down the FCC to dialup speeds and asks for more money to restore the bandwidth. Perhaps this will actually get Tom Wheeler's attention?


Uncle Sam's brilliant new idea: An online driver's license

The government is trying out a new identity consolidation program that it might hand over to a private enterprise to manage. What could possibly go wrong?


Facebook gets more evil, HP gets more desperate

An action-packed weekend brought news of Facebook capturing somehow even more of your data, HP acting like a car dealer, and an actual life-saving smartphone


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