Analytics and measurements: A recipe for sustainable food chains

Analytics and measurements: A recipe for sustainable food chains

Our food chain is full of waste, but widely distributed sensors and big data analytics together hold potential for dramatic conservation of resources


Busted! The campaign against counterfeit reviews

Busted! The campaign against counterfeit reviews

Fake reviews, either intended to trash a company or artificially inflate its standing, are poisoning the Internet. Here's how machine learning is attempting to stop the counterfeitting


Peeling back the layers of the smarter city

What's the key to making cities smarter? Extend data-driven analytic infrastructure across every aspect of urban existence


When big data is truly better

When big data is truly better

Take advantage of scale when past experience indicates greater analytic value will result. But big data is not a hammer -- nor is every problem a nail


Can a machine detect sarcasm? Yeah, right

Applying analytics to social media? Good luck -- not all words can be taken at face value. Natural language processing helps, but it's no panacea


What's machine learning? It depends on who you ask

As interest in machine learning has grown, its definition has expanded to include a panoply of techniques for automating knowledge and pattern discovery from fresh data


Big data log analysis thrives on machine learning

Huge quantities of log data generated by all sorts of devices opens immense potential for insight, but machine learning is needed to make sense of it


Too big, too small, or just right? Balancing your social connections

An MIT professor analyzes social graph data to find where influence meets connectedness -- and how to maximize it


Never put everything in one database basket, even if it's Hadoop

Those who recommend putting everything in a Hadoop data lake forget some obvious lessons of database history


Machine learning floats all boats on big data's ocean

Machine learning is the unsung hero that powers many of the most sophisticated big data analytic applications


Cognitive computing can take the semantic Web to the next level

As big data analytics pushes deeper into cognitive computing, it needs to bring the semantic Web into the heart of this new age


Big data demands nonstop experimentation

Predictive modeling needs the dynamic experimentation of big data to discern true, underlying correlations. Some organizations are ready for that disruption -- and some aren't


YARN unwinds MapReduce's grip on Hadoop

Hadoop has been known as MapReduce running on HDFS, but with YARN, Hadoop 2.0 broadens pool of potential applications


Sometimes it's OK to treat people like numbers

After all, the customers' own Web activity fuels analytic models, but a caveat: The data can grow too complex


Devops can take data science to the next level

For data scientists, creating a perfect statistical model is all for naught if the compute power required is prohibitive. We need tools to assess the performance impacts of modeling alternatives


Big data means big challenges in lifecycle management

No matter what its size or variety, data must still be managed through its lifecycle, even when the tools are immature


Graph analysis will make big data even bigger

Social networks transformed the Internet into a complex web of relationships; social graph analysis offers a way to understand those relationships


Big data needs data virtualization

To fulfill the promise of big data, you need to abstract data from its underpinnings -- at both the data and infrastructure layers


There's no shortage of data science smarts

Powerful new big data tools demand analytics expertise -- but a growing body of shared knowledge and a new generation of self-taught experts will fill the gap


Finding gems in big data archives

Big data needn't be fast-moving to be sexy. Archives tend to be the largest data stores -- and among the most valuable


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