Enterprise-class clouds, part 1: Security and performance

September 23, 2009
The following is the first in a series of upcoming posts on establishing and working with enterprise-class clouds
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Four critical steps to datacenter transformation

July 08, 2009
Transforming datacenters is more than virtualization and automation. Here's how to do double the work on half the infrastructure
, IaaS
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IT Change Management 101: You can't change what you don't know

May 04, 2009
Different organizational aspects refuse to comply with the manual processes needed to keep a CMDB updated, and advancements in virtualization have made the situation worse
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Enterprise clouds: The secret is the workload

January 21, 2009
The cloud is the long-term strategic delivery model that will enable IT as a service while reducing virtual sprawl in the datacenter -- if firms design, build, and operate it correctly
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Business execution and recession

December 12, 2008
Any company wishing to emerge from the current economic slowdown in a better position needs to think about efficient execution and challenging old assumptions
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IT innovation: Cost centers to sales enhancers

December 12, 2008
Given the costs required just to keep the lights on, how can IT convince business to innovate beyond the datacenter?
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Wall Street as the first business infrastructure as a service

November 22, 2008
The financial markets have been riding a roller coaster in the dark for several weeks. The uncertainty and fear clogging the flow of currency is causing governments of the industrialized world to examine how global markets conduct themselves, with an eye on shorter leashes for many large financial institutions, which these governments now have a stake in. It is likely that new, stricter regulations will come fro
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SOA realized = Enterprise computing + cloud computing

October 15, 2008
The convergence and intersection of enterprise computing technology combined with cloud computing provides a strategy blueprint for success
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Top 4 datacenter design mistakes

September 24, 2008
Current design limitations Previous design choices have resulted in not meeting the needs of the business. In particular, these design choices have resulted in complexity, waste, performance barriers, and cost models that don't work for the business. Lack of understanding and transparency of what has been done in the past will continue to create misalignment with business needs if not addressed. The critical des
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9 design principles of a service-oriented datacenter

August 21, 2008
A service-oriented datacenter (SOIT DC) is a top‐down, demand driven datacenter design that maximizes efficiency and minimizes traditional IT waste of power, cooling, space, and capacity under utilization while providing enhanced levels of service and control. The following design principles are proven to enable firms to create a service-oriented datacenter. Dynamic provisioning — A package-once, deploy-many app
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