How does your PC manufacturer rate?

February 26, 2010
Customers’ experiences with the big six PC manufacturers leave ample room for improvement, according to a recent study from Forrester
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Defective hardware, deteriorating customer service

February 23, 2010
Competitive markets have some tech vendors offloading the cost of righting their wrongs onto customers who are fed up with this unsettling trend
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Taking a stand on taxation

February 18, 2010
Call to action: Make your voice heard on all issues surrounding taxation
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Microsoft cloud services: Phone scam or hard sell?

February 17, 2010
Ten calls a week about Microsoft cloud services has one Gripe Line reader suspicious of a con job
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Quicken forced upgrade: Death by a thousand pop-ups

February 16, 2010
A computer upgrade forces an Intuit Quicken user to reconsider his choice of personal finance software
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Dell dropping its Ubuntu offerings?

February 08, 2010
Reader’s desire to purchase an open source system from Dell meets sales rep resistance
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Readers sound off on HP, Android, and more

February 05, 2010
Readers weigh in on defective product policies, the future of the Android G1, and buying an extended warranty
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It's not a con job -- it's just a mistake

January 27, 2010
One reader becomes suspicious of what appears to be a service-invoice con from a company he respects
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T-Mobile G1 owners left in Android 2.0 limbo

January 25, 2010
Early Android adopters are left wondering whether their T-Mobile G1s will ever get a taste of Android 2.0 'Eclair'
, Android, T-Mobile
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What should a defective laptop cost?

January 22, 2010
One reader balks when asked to pay to have his brand-new computer repaired. Gripe Line settles the feud
Tech Support
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