Customer service at the tipping point

June 16, 2010
When companies botch service calls, they stand to lose more than just one customer
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Is a bad economy good for customer service?

June 11, 2010
Cutbacks might seem prudent right now, but smart companies are investing in customer service during the downturn
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How disposable is your technology?

June 08, 2010
Given the rate of change, tech gear is about as durable as last year's fashions
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When to put technology to pasture

June 03, 2010
Most vendors render their products essentially obsolete well before most customers are ready to throw out functioning tech
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Readers sound off on rebates and tech support

May 28, 2010
HP gets back to Dave about Windows 7 drivers, Staples isn't perfect at rebates, and consumers should forget the free lunch
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How to sue your tech vendor -- and win

May 27, 2010
One woman's war against Adobe shows how preparation and detailed evidence are key to obtaining justice in small claims court
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Hard-earned lessons of email tech support

May 24, 2010
Sometimes email can make a mess of technical support, as one Gripe Line reader finds when dealing with a failed drive
Tech Support
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Windows 7 turning tide for Microsoft among consumers

May 20, 2010
Customer satisfaction is on the rise for Microsoft -- enough to overcome ire sparked by Vista release
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How to work the the rebate racket

May 18, 2010
Gripe Line readers have strong opinions on rebates -- and share some strategies for dealing with them
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HTC and Intuit answer for busted ringers and incomplete tax advice

May 13, 2010
Though these gripes about HTC's errant update and TurboTax's omission may seem small, the irritation they cause sure isn't
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