User reviews: The best advertising money can buy?

September 01, 2010
The FTC launches an uphill battle against paid endorsements on the Web, charging a firm for fake game reviews on iTunes
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Zero-day exploits spur uptick in Adobe updates

August 26, 2010
Increased frequency of requests to update Adobe software can be attributed to a rise in exploited vulnerabilities
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Microsoft tech support bot goes rogue

August 23, 2010
Pressed for explanation, Microsoft support chat bot concocts its own Office 2007 download rules
Tech Support
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Don't be duped by fake software offers online

August 20, 2010
One reader learns the hard way that you need more than faith alone when dealing with some online vendors
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Readers sound off on Dell Ubuntu support, Adobe Reader updates

August 12, 2010
Gripe Line mail bag: More Ubuntu options, fewer Adobe Reader patches please
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Beware ever-changing fine print online

August 10, 2010
One reader who read the fine print before signing his satellite TV contract learns that reading it once is not enough
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Read the fine print of your satellite TV contract

August 05, 2010
Beware of high early termination fees and other hidden unpleasantries lurking in DirecTV and Dish Network contracts
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Tales from the tech support trenches

August 04, 2010
Real stories from the life of field technicians show how dirty tech support duty can get -- and the value of personal touch
Tech Support
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Where are Dell's Ubuntu PCs?

July 30, 2010
Dell told us back in February that new machines were coming soon -- but has the company gone back on its word?
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The four stages of software upgrade grief

July 29, 2010
A failed Adobe CS4 upgrade leads one reader on a long, discouraging road to recovery
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