The subtle art of retaining customers

October 15, 2010
Sometimes something as simple as a smile can stand between you and a lost customer
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Google Apps tech support falls short

October 11, 2010
A reader asks the Gripe Line to help solve a problem with Google after being left in limbo by the company's Postini service
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How to sue telemarketers and win

October 05, 2010
Turning telemarketing harassment into cash is not as hard as you might think
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Disgruntled HP customer meets happy resolution

October 01, 2010
Readers -- and the company -- react to a tale of HP tech support gone awry
Tech Support
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Weighing the merits of tech-gear insurance

September 27, 2010
Gripe Line readers have questions -- and answers -- about the decision to insure high-tech items
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Windows 7 lifts PC satisfaction rates

September 24, 2010
Customer satisfaction among PC makers is on the rise -- that is, until tech support gets involved
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Metrics -- the Achilles' heel of tech support

September 21, 2010
Support-call statistics can be very misleading -- all the more reason to look beyond the numbers
Tech Support
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HP tech support lacks human touch

September 16, 2010
The company loses a customer when tech support staff forgets there's a human being on the other end of the line
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When to insure your tech gear

September 10, 2010
Depending on how you use (or abuse) your tech gadgets, it might be time to move beyond simple warranty math
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Parallels guilty of clueless Mac support?

September 08, 2010
Tech support staff fail to deliver on Parallels Server's promise of Mac compatibility
Tech Support
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