Gripe Line bids farewell to the faithful

February 02, 2011
A tip of the cap to the Gripe Line community, whose tech support input and insights have proved invaluable to all
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No one's Facebook profile is safe

January 26, 2011
When both the Facebook founder and the president of France are targeted by hackers, it's time to revisit your security settings
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Tuning in to Twitter for world news

January 21, 2011
Twitter can be a valuable news source if approached with the right combination of curation and curiosity
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More misadventures on Facebook

January 19, 2011
Social networking provides a growing market for sleazy business practices -- and the antidote to exposing scams as they happen
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Facebook con artists on the rise

January 17, 2011
Leaving your social network profiles public could leave friends and colleagues at risk of fraudulent acts
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Hidden CES gems: Self-service tech support

January 11, 2011
Being on-call IT support for family and friends just got a little easier, thanks to self-service tools unveiled at this year's CES
Tech Support
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2011: The tipping point for tech support

January 04, 2011
Start respecting your support techs -- or risk derailing the pace of innovation at your organization
Tech Support
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Cratchit Hall of Fame 2010: The candidates

December 23, 2010
Nominees for the Bob Cratchit Awards are coming in -- one would make even Scrooge proud
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Cratchit Hall of Fame: Call for nominees

December 17, 2010
Time to offer up a few kind words to the techies and technologies that made our lives a little better this year
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France luring tech jobs with R&D tax credits

December 13, 2010
Not all tech jobs are heading to India and Eastern Europe -- some of the plum ones are finding a home in Paris
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