What SOA can learn from cloud computing -- and the other way around

December 11, 2008
Each concept can borrow from the other, and it's time they started doing so
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Why SOA works for the government

December 10, 2008
The feds have been early SOA adopters, because they really need its advantages. That'll be truer with a new administration and today's challenges.
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Five things that are saving SOA, Recession Edition

December 08, 2008
Looking at the more optimistic side of SOA
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Five things that are killing SOA, Recession Edition

December 04, 2008
Considering the downturn, there are new things that are killing SOA, and perhaps a few things that have been killing SOA all along
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Is SOA making mergers easier?

December 02, 2008
Forced mergers present a good case for the value of SOA, or creating an architecture that's built to change
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Where SOA meets cloud computing

December 01, 2008
The act of tossing information, services, and processes outside of the firewall without a clear strategy won't be productive at all.
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Open source SOA provides some major advantages

November 25, 2008
Requirements should come before technology, but open source SOA typically is much less expensive and easier to use than proprietary tools
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