BCDs, MBRs, and grub

February 23, 2009
In the last couple of days Martin learned more than he ever wanted to know about boot menus
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Windows 7 is nice, but it trashed grub

February 19, 2009
Installing Windows 7 on a system's second disk trashed the grub multi-boot menu on the first disk.
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Webcast on WebOS development

February 18, 2009
Mitch Allen of Palm is giving a free Webcast about how to get started with the Pre's WebOS
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Windows Vista is not slow on the right hardware

February 17, 2009
Windows Vista is not slow on a quad-core CPU, 8 GB of RAM, a GeForce 2-series video card, and SATA 2 disks. Is that overkill? Only a little.
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MissionKit 2009 supports XBRL, HL7

February 11, 2009
XBRL "changes everything" in terms of business intelligence; Altova is making XBRL generation and reporting much simpler
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Unobtrusive JavaScript and jQuery

February 09, 2009
Reading "jQuery in Action" spurred Martin to learn about the unobtrusive JavaScript style
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HTML & CSS Reference plug-in for Firefox

February 05, 2009
Firescope is a free HTML & CSS Reference plug-in for Firefox
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Performance centers of excellence pay off

February 03, 2009
A survey by analyst firm voke cites the key goals: prioritize, centralize, standardize
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Quince explores UI/UX patterns

February 02, 2009
A free Silverlight-based site from Infragistics helps to improve thinking and conversation about user interfaces
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10 lessons I'm learning from my disk crash

January 30, 2009
Look on the bright side: Martin is finding out new things as a result of his hardware problems.
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