CUDA 2.2 beta released to registered developers

April 10, 2009
Release features a GPU debugger and profiler
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Fixing Visual Studio for IE8

April 09, 2009
Some wizards in Visual Studio 2008 and 2005 break if IE8 is installed. Here's a fix.
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Adeptia takes integration approach to HIPAA and HL7

April 08, 2009
Adeptia Integration Server allows 'any to any' data flow; adapters for HIPAA and HL7 simplify the health care case
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Embarcadero unveils optimization tools

April 08, 2009
J Optimizer, DB Optimizer, and Performance Center profile Java and SQL
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India's CBI charges 9 in Satyam fraud

April 07, 2009
The New York Times reported today that India's Central Bureau of Investigation has brought charges in the Satyam Computer Services fraud case
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ASP.Net MVC 1.0 now open source

April 02, 2009
Rails-like .Net Web system can now be used on Linux with Mono
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LINQPad webcast coming up

April 01, 2009
LINQPad has been enhanced to work with the Entity Framework
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uTest crowd-sources QA

March 27, 2009
uTest has a pool of 15,000 capability-profiled QA professionals in 150 countries
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Joe Hewitt's Three20 project improves iPhone program

March 24, 2009
Yesterday Joe released a generic open source iPhone development library based on his Facebook Connect code. It looks like a big step up.
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The camera is dead; long live the camera

March 23, 2009
Martin's daughter's pocket digital camera broke again not long after the warranty expired. Picking and buying a new one was tricky.
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