Servoy: 90 percent is not enough

June 29, 2009
CEO Jan Aleman discusses Servoy, his Java-based IDE that can produce desktop and Web interfaces from a single code base
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Dotfuscator expands its functionality

June 25, 2009
In Visual Studio 2010, Dotfuscator does runtime intelligence and product expiration as well as code obfuscation
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Rebit claims painless backup

June 22, 2009
With one small exception, a Rebit appliance offers hands-free continuous backups
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Microsoft Silverlight shall go to the ball after all

June 17, 2009
Martin admits he might have been a little harsh when he compared Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash adoptions
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Iron Speed automates 90 percent of Web coding

June 11, 2009
According to Iron Speed co-founder Alan Fisher, Iron Speed Designer can generate 90 percent of the code for an ASP.Net site
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Windows Media Center: Another reason to like Windows 7

June 08, 2009
Martin was pleasantly surprised to find Arrested Development among the Internet TV offerings on the Windows 7 Release Candidate
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 highlights

June 04, 2009
VS2010 Beta 1 promises a worthy upgrade to the premier IDE for .Net development, but some key pieces are still missing
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IBM interprets lean development's Kaizen with new MCIF product

June 01, 2009
IBM Rational's MCIF offers a twist on Kaizen, a lean manufacturing mainstay and the process of "continuous improvement" practiced by Toyota for 50 years
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Visual Studio 2010 beta notes

May 27, 2009
How to get Silverlight, IronRuby, and IronPython support for the Visual Studio 2010 beta
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The nomadic developer

May 20, 2009
Have you ever dreamed of being a consultant? Here's a guide to how software consulting firms work and how to avoid some of the pitfalls
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