Is cloud computing inherently evil?

March 01, 2009
Electronic Frontier Foundation chairman Brad Templeton weighs in on the dark side of cloud computing
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Does cloud computing eliminate complexity?

February 22, 2009
Some cloud computing vendors are selling the cloud as a way to eliminate complexity, but that's simply not true.
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Coding in the cloud

February 16, 2009
Mozilla's push toward "coding in the cloud" looks very attractive, but what does it actually mean?
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The cost of cloud downtime

February 08, 2009
Cloud computing promises dramatic savings -- but only if downtime is kept in check
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IT needs to get over its cloud denial, or management will get over IT

February 01, 2009
Cloud computing could bring IT departments closer to our business, but it's more likely to drive us further apart.
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Higher education needs a national computing cloud

January 25, 2009
Cloud computing is vital to the future of higher education in America, so I beseech President Obama to take action
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Romanticizing cloud computing will destroy it

January 18, 2009
InfoWorld's new cloud computing blog seeks to promote a clear-eyed definition so the sustainable cloud can form
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