New book: "Print is Dead"

October 24, 2007
This sounds like it belongs on the shelf next to "The Hummer Guide to Global Warming" and "2007 Fashion Portfolio for Telecommuters." The site created to promote this book defends the idea of using dead trees to celebrate the end of the use of dead trees, and notes that it will be released in electronic and paper form on November 13. Actually, I think the author is using the title to spur debate. Ben Smith and
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Sun's ZFS is close to perfect, but widely misunderstood

October 24, 2007
You've read about ZFS, the advanced storage management facility baked into Sun Microsystems' Solaris Unix operating system. It is Sun's invention, yet Sun has opened it to the world, including ZFS with the mass of Solaris code that Sun has open-sourced. You've read about ZFS, but you may not know as much about it as you think. ZFS has been reported to be much faster than other file systems. That basic tidbit cre
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Apple OS X Leopard: A beautiful upgrade

October 17, 2007
Finally, a PC Unix that everyone can love. OS X Leopard is a triumph of customer-focused engineering Apple's announcement of the impending delivery of OS X Leopard (release 10.5 of Mac and Xserve operating systems) marks the public debut of an engineering achievement that dwarfs iPhone, iPod, Windows, and Linux. No other PC server vendor, with the notable exception of Sun Microsystems, invests so much time and m
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The next best thing to OS X

October 10, 2007
Where OS X doesn't fit, you have an impressive alternative It is no small source of consternation to those of us who have grown attached to OS X that systems that would run it best -- primarily, those with processors created by AMD -- will never do so unless Intel fails to deliver on some promise made to Steve Jobs. It's doubly difficult for me because I'm a devotee of both OS X client and server operating syste
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Sun's T-2 (Niagara 2) servers launch to an enthusiastic reception

October 09, 2007
In the high end of the server industry, where UNIX holds sway and demanding applications go for configurable firepower, Sun has struck a blow with two deceptively powerful servers that, of all things, pack all of their mutlthreaded into rack and blade options. Sun's T5120 and T5220 servers, based on Sun's UltraSPARC T2, and, remarkable, single-socket servers.This doesn't place them in the bargain class, though,
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Digital living means digital junk

October 03, 2007
The archives of Web-friendly JPEGs and stream-of-consciousness blogs won't make history Nikon stopped making film cameras. This hit me right where I live because, in a life prior to my stint at InfoWorld, I was a photographer. I had my own darkroom where I made black-and-white and color prints, as well as slides from the images I captured. None of the film cameras I own ever had to be reviewed online for their s
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More Mac sense and nonsense

September 26, 2007
Eight months since the switch to Mac, and it's no turning back Commenters on my Enterprise Mac blog have been begging for an update to my column "Mac sense and nonsense," in which I chronicled the early experiences of a friend who agreed to switch from Windows -- her OS for her entire computer-using life -- to the Mac. Updates on her progress are among those things I keep meaning to do, but 2007 has been a year
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AMD leads by listening

September 19, 2007
AMD put software partners and system manufacturers back in charge of the x86 agenda AMD has taken great care to date to make sure that Opteron CPUs and system platforms, and the high-end desktop platforms that are derived from Opteron, aren't seen by OEMs and ISVs (independent software vendors) as requiring any special treatment. In years past, AMD has encouraged me to test Opteron using Intel's compilers, reinf
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IDF moves: Does Intel have the guts?

September 18, 2007
Intel has the power to create the strongest x86 server market yet seen. Does it have the nerve? Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is an unusual show. It gathers software and hardware engineers around a microprocessor core for a commodity instruction set. A cynic might liken it to a bi-yearly salt convention. Sure, Xscale and Itanium show at IDF, and both of these architectures deserve more attention than the media or
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Battle of the chip giants: Comparing AMD's Quad-Core Opteron with Intel's Xeon 7300 MP

September 12, 2007
Here's why you should care about the difference between Intel and AMD bus architectures I should be writing about Quad-Core Opteron, which was formally launched on Monday, but I feel the need to take a brief detour into a point-by-point contrast between AMD's latest offering and Intel's new quad-core Xeon MP 7300-series CPU. The MP designates the CPU for use in four-socket servers, which brings up the first diff
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