Apple iPhone SDK upends mobile market

March 12, 2008
Eight months ago, Apple was a nonplayer in the mobile space. Now, according to Apple, iPhone is the second most popular smartphone solution after BlackBerry. With all the hoopla he raised over iPhone at launch time, it's as if Steve Jobs saw this coming. What he admits he didn't see coming was the market's reaction to the lack of a software development kit (SDK) that would support third-party apps on iPhone. iPh
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PCs approach Mac simplicity, courtesy of AMD

March 04, 2008
It takes a chipmaker to make PCs as easy to set up and operate as Macs, and AMD's going to do it If the reality of the "standardized PC" were aligned with the rhetoric, no PC would ship with a separate driver disc. Windows XP would install onto a blank hard drive in the time it takes to copy the files. There would be no Found New Hardware Wizard, and if you inherited a PC with no discs or documentation, you coul
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Microsoft opens up, just a little

February 27, 2008
What's Microsoft's open source interoperability initiative? It's about lawyers I'd like to see the specifics of Microsoft's new open source interoperability initiative, but the link to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) takes me to a page that says, "We're sorry, but we were unable to service your request." I think that's the answer to my own frequently asked question: What is the open source interoperability
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Vista SP1: Release to mob

February 20, 2008
Microsoft's community engagement for Vista Service Pack 1 spurs outrage, not gratitude I've learned in recent days that my perceived paucity of Vista in the wild may be impaired vision (of the ocular variety) on my part. The merest whisper of the impending delivery of the first Service Pack for Vista kicked off a public rending of garments the likes of which I've not seen. Granted, Vista Service Pack 1 saves you
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The mobile app gold rush

February 13, 2008
Adobe, AOL, Google, and Yahoo see smartphones as fertile ground for rich and hosted apps and services
Mobile Apps
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Windows Server 2008: Redmond's new server OS hits paydirt

February 06, 2008
Microsoft asked IT what it wants from a Windows server operating system. That OS is here. Windows Server 2008 (WS08) has been doing an excruciatingly slow public striptease for five years. Now that the last patch of linen has been peeled away, we'll have a chance to see what thousands of man-years yields in terms of innovation. WS08 is loaded with Microsoft's good ideas, almost the way commercial Linux is, and t
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Self-aware virtualization

January 30, 2008
A task, a block of memory, or a network socket that knows why it exists can move anywhere The pain point for any IT endeavor is marrying requirements to solutions. Much of the learned art of IT management is invested in planning, sizing, staging, and administering purpose-targeted resources. Organizations that wisely leverage virtualization as a means to provision and reallocate pooled resources still face the c
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Sharp science leads to smart decisions

January 23, 2008
Experiment, explore, and play so that you, not those who sell convenience, are your most trusted source of knowledge Everyone needs an avocation they pursue with passion. For you, it may be cars, clothes, Greek food, or detective novels. Now that Ahead of the Curve is reaching a larger audience online than it could reach in print, there are robot makers, solar power fanatics, and hard-core gamers among us (make
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Apple shocks boneheaded bloggers

January 16, 2008
A new ultra-slim MacBook, a Wi-Fi router with automatic backup, location-aware navigation on iPhone, and iTunes without a computer put the score at Apple 1, rumormongers 0 At this time of year, bloggers come out of the woodwork with claims that they have the inside scoop on Apple's product strategy, specifically, the products that Steve Jobs will unveil in his keynote at Macworld Expo. Prior to this year's show,
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Eight-core Xserve puts Apple back in the majors

January 09, 2008
Apple's new Xserve is lean, mean, and green, like a Mac should be. What took Apple so long? Apple rarely lets any product sit still for long, so when something in Apple's lineup goes untouched for a while, it prompts speculation about Apple's commitment to it. Consider Xserve. I do, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who does. Apple's Xserve went Intel with the rest of the Mac line, but instead of keepin
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