Eye-Fi Explore

October 09, 2008
All about the Eye-Fi Explore digital camera memory card
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So just how do you get gear into the Interop show?

October 01, 2008
The Interop show, seen through the eyes of a volunteer
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PatchSee illuminated patch cables

September 19, 2008
The PatchSee cabling solution concentrates on the frustration of finding patch cables in the mass of legacy cables without having to spend huge amounts of time tediously tracing the cable through the rat's nest. This simple solution bonds plastic fiber optics into the CAT5e or CAT6 cable so that you can illuminate one side and see the other end blazing away. You simply use one of their flashlights that have a cl
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Interop New York: the small business perspective

September 17, 2008
Interop is increasingly a conference and exhibition that's filled with technology for small and midsize businesses.
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Clocking VMware Workstation and Sun xVM VirtualBox performance

September 11, 2008
The OfficeBench benchmark gauges Windows client performance by running a series of Microsoft Office workloads
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When cloud computing fails

August 28, 2008

Cloud computing doesn't relieve you of business continuity responsibilities

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Pimp my datacenter wrap-up: Photos and words II

August 12, 2008

There's more to see from the Pimp My Datacenter project. In this slide show, Brian Chee walks you through the highlights of the electrical upgrade

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The day small business changed

August 12, 2008
Today is a big day in small business computing history: it's the 27th anniversary of the introduction of the IBM 5150 -- the IBM PC.
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Pimp my datacenter wrap-up: Photos and words

August 11, 2008
Can't get enough information about pimping-out a datacenter? We have a slide show (with narration from Brian Chee) of highlights from the air-conditioning installation.
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Notes from the Small Business Road

August 08, 2008
Small business computing from the road is still a challenge, but the tools keep getting better. Now, if AC availability would catch up, things could get truly good for the small business traveler. If travel weren't enough of a challenge, throw in a platform change, and you have the making of an interesting time -- at least, that's what I'm calling it today.
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