Racing JavaScript: Safari vs. Firefox

February 26, 2009
Apple's Safari 4 beta trumps Firefox 3 in JavaScript performance, according to WebKit's own SunSpider benchmarks
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SCALE 7x an Excellent Event and an Impressive Value

February 25, 2009
This past weekend (Feb 20-22) was the 7th annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE). SCALE has grown larger, but is still very much a community, not corporate, event. Half of the exhibitors at SCALE are "dot-orgs", various Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) projects, Linux user groups, and other non- profit groups from the FOSS community who are offered free booths for their organizations. SCALE has als
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Southern California Linux Expo 7x (SCALE)

February 18, 2009
This weekend (Feb 20-22) is the 7th Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE). This is a terrific community-centric event held at the LAX Westin in Los Angeles every year. Get registered now and reserve your hotel room before it's too late! If you work with Open Source, you'll be glad you attended this conference. SCALE has become a larger show with more corporate sponsors, but still retains the community organiza
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HP MediaSmart Server & IoSafe better together

February 07, 2009
I've just been talking to one of my classmates that has a small 5 person architectural firm that was previously looking at hiring an IT contractor to setup a file server for them. Over coffee it very quickly became clear that while a full file server would certainly make his office more efficient, the solution was overkill. My suggestion was to consider some sort of simple network attached storage (NAS) until he
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Web browser security features

February 03, 2009
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, and Apple Safari compared
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How to cook a hard drive

February 02, 2009
In this day and age business continuity for your data is just as important to the small business as it is to the huge enterprise. I had a chance at CES209 to watch some execs from IOSafe dunk a hard drive in a pool (Chlorine and all) and then bake it to 1300 degrees F. Here's how the recipe: Rent a foreclosure house down the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center and bus the media there in Limos. Snap a bun
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Windows on multicore test results

January 22, 2009
Windows Vista and Windows 7 take better advantage of multiple cores than Windows XP, but not enough to overcome XP's greater efficiency
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Windows on multicore: How I tested

January 22, 2009
Simulating multiprocess workloads using DMS Clarity Studio's ADO Stress, MAPI Stress, and WMP Stress workload objects
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Benchmarking mobile workstations

December 17, 2008
For today's review of the Dell Precision M6400 and HP EliteBook 8730w mobile workstations (see "Road warrior power trip"), I tested performance using three diverse sets of workloads. In each case, testing was conducted under Windows Vista Business (x64 Edition) with Service Pack 1, using the latest driver and utility stacks from Dell and HP. First, to see how quad cores affect complex, multi-process workloads, I
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O'Reilly's Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook

December 05, 2008
This latest addition to O'Reilly's "Cookbook" series might just make you want to learn yet another programming environment
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