Don't panic! Adobe CS3 runs on Snow Leopard

August 26, 2009
InfoWorld's testing shows that Creative Suite 3 runs fine on the new Mac OS X, despite Adobe's lack of support for it
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X-ray vision into your virtual networks

August 21, 2009
Network Instruments' virtual taps bring visibility to the otherwise hidden traffic traversing the VMware virtual switch
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Office 2008 for Mac reworked

July 28, 2009
A new update to Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac boosts speed, adds features and slays bugs
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Clocking Windows netbook performance

June 18, 2009
OfficeBench uses OLE automation and a variety of Microsoft Office tasks to assess performance of any Windows system
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Windows 7 Ultimate on Nehalem Mac Pro

May 01, 2009
Apple's most powerful Mac rides high on the Windows Experience Index
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 highlights

April 14, 2009
Operational and usability improvements promise to make Exchange 2010 a major step up from Exchange 2007. Here's a quick visual tour of the new release.
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Speedy mobile workstations: Dell, HP, and Lenovo

March 03, 2009
How Lenovo's beasty ThinkPad W700ds stacks up to the Dell Precision M6400 and HP EliteBook 8730w
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First look: Avaak's Vue taps wireless mesh for Webcams

March 02, 2009
The Vue video monitoring system for consumers and small business offers a number of advantages over traditional and Wi-Fi setups
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Apress Publishing at SCALE 7x

February 27, 2009
You're worried about finding or keeping a job right now. One way to improve your chances of getting or keeping an IT job is to improve your technical skills. You could spend thousands of dollars on training for certifications in Cisco or Microsoft or others, but if you're not employed (or worried about losing your job), then you don't want to spend a lot of cash. My favorite alternative is to spend a fraction o
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Marshall Electronics USB Microphones

February 26, 2009 Marshall Electronics 1910 E. Maple Avenue El Segundo, CA 90245 Phone: (310)333-0606 or 1-800-800-6608 Fax: (310)333-0688E-mail: The hiss and crackle of the low quality analog audio connectors has been the bane of my existence as I've been trying to do screencasts, podcasts and voice overs. The natural answer is go all digital, but the run of the mill USB mikes are ei
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