David Linthicum


David S. Linthicum is SVP at Cloud Technology Partners and an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader. Dave has authored 13 books on computing, the latest of which is "Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise, a Step-by-Step Approach." Dave’s industry experience includes tenures as CTO and CEO of several successful software companies, and upper-level management positions in Fortune 100 companies. He keynotes leading technology conferences on cloud computing, SOA, enterprise application integration, and enterprise architecture. Dave writes the Cloud Computing blog for InfoWorld.

One container technology does not fit all enterprises

This application-portability technology is hot for good reason, but its benefits aren't universal or guaranteed

IBM's newest reorg won't fix its cloud problem

Shuffling people around isn't the answer to adapting to a radically changing market in which IBM's strengths don't fit well

Thank the cloud for making big data and IoT possible

The ability to analyze massive amounts of data and to connect devices as the Internet of things became a reality when the cloud coalesced

Angry about Oracle licensing? The cloud lets you change the game

Angry about Oracle licensing? The cloud lets you change the game

The pricing and licensing models that enterprise IT loves to hate could be displaced during cloud migrations, to Oracle's detriment

Verizon has no excuse for its planned cloud outage

Cloud providers have the means to keep their services available at all times, but have yet to deliver on this key expectation

Faster and cheaper: The cloud is becoming harder to resist

Amazon's C4 instances are the latest salvo in a price/performance war that will benefit enterprises for several years

When you wish upon a cloud: 3 cloud hopes for 2015

Sadly, these enterprise cloud predictions need to come true, but won't happen any time soon

Forget commodity hardware — now the cloud wants custom chips

It used to be that computing hardware was kept general-purpose to support any workload, but that may not work well in the cloud

Strike while it's hot: Create your own cloud career opportunities

The cloud is a great space for more money and new challenges, but you may need to be creative to get in on the action

Docker's tremendous upside could upset some enterprises

Docker is straightforward to adopt and solves key problems -- and could trip up your cloud app migration strategy

More enterprises are building their own private clouds

More enterprises are building their own private clouds

Generic offerings, specialized needs, and a desire to own one's destiny are shifting IT away from third-party private clouds

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